The DTB10C Type 1, 2 , 3 and the NATO Military version, all share the same highly successful STANSTED FPG10490 two stage single phase electrically driven gas booster shown in detail as the Type 1. Types 2 & 3 can be fitted with full or semi-automation and custom built to suit the operational requirement. Operating pressure from 30 to 350 bar (360 - 5000psi). Specifically designed for Oxygen service.

The DTB10C offers a considerable advancement over traditional Pneumatically driven pumps. Heavily engineered for a high duty cycle from a low power requirement it is intended for use in the transfer of Oxygen, Helium, Nitrogen or any non-corrosive gas. A compact, transportable and quiet solution to boosting gas.

DTB10C - more information

The DBT10C is rated for Oxygen service as standard and will also boost Helium, Oxygen and Air up to 350 Bar. The unit is powered by a 0.55 KW single phase electric motor with a three phase motor also available. Running costs are low, a considerable advantage over air driven systems requiring large capacity compressors. The DBT10C requires no regular servicing and provides in excess of 250 hours between HP seal change with 500 hours for the LP stage. Seal replacement was designed to be performed "in the field" and is easily carried out by the operator with a standard tool kit. Spares are readily available and inexpensive. The Major service occurs at 2000 hours where main bearings are changed. Widely selected by Fire, Rescue and Professional services as the replacement for Pneumatic boosters and in comparison represents a considerable saving over the service life of this equipment.